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However, if blindly arrogant, the fault of others pick "deaf ears", the road of life will only narrower and narrower, and even inevitably accept the pain of failure. Li Jingwei, after the reform and opening up the establishment of the "Jianlibao" company, created a parable with Pepsi commercial legend. However, in the face of unprecedented success, Li Jingwei but others refused to pick the wrong, the face of the company from leadership to the staff under the criticism and block, he regardless of the set, set heavily in Guangzhou Jianlibao building building, and ultimately beyond the company Of the affordability. The face of the industry friends of his "business rules do not take into account, blindly pull advertising investment," the wrong, he refused to sincerely absorb, and ultimately let Jianlibao bleak in the long history, he himself behind bars.
So, how to treat criticism in pursuit of perfect self?
First of all, in the face of others sharp pick the wrong, to maintain a calm and calm state of mind, not rash, do not hide; as Ji Xianlin said: "others say is encouraged to criticize is spur, are right "Second, we must learn to identify the" value "of the wrong and" blindly pick the wrong pick ", that is, in the face of others pick the wrong, not a fixed submission, but to maintain a minimum Of the trust. Such as the actors of the lifetime of the audience in the audience to pick the wrong and criticism, but must go through the "review - digestion - absorption" process, and finally to a fresh role to the hearts of people ... ...
Life against the brigade, everyone will make mistakes, lost or even alienation, and often a treat others pick the wrong mind, can lead you to enjoy the more beautiful scenery.

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